Horsemanship Camp

Dates for Camp Sessions are listed at bottom of this page.  We follow several school calendars including:

~ Moore County Public Schools
~ Sandhills Classical Christian School
~ S.T.A.R.S School
~ The Academy of Moore
~ The O'Neal School
~ Episcopal Day School

Your child DOES NOT need to attend any of the above-mentioned schools in order to attend our camps.  Any child from any school is welcome to attend.
If your child attends a school whose calendar is not on the above list and you feel that there would be enough interest in hosting a camp based upon your child's school calendar, then please feel free to contact us. Oftentimes, campers do enjoy the camaraderie of being able to attend camp with other students whom they are already familiar with.
About Our Program

Horsemanship Camp offers the opportunity for young people to spend their time out of school occupied... in activities that encourage teamwork, cooperation, communication and creativity.

Your child will receive instructions in safety, grooming, equipment used, riding and control of the horse. This is so much more than just a good time however! Animals have a unique way of helping children blossom into better versions of themselves. The outgoing child will feel success in accomplishing something new (and there is always something new to learn about horses and about ourselves as riders) and the more timid child will open up and try new things while developing a special bond with their horse, and greater self-confidence. Team work and cooperation are key ingredients in horse camp, but also there are plenty of opportunities for independent development of each participant. 

Horsemanship Camp participants are in for an intense week of horses, hands-on projects and fun!   The week will start off with a foundation of learning safety around horses and ponies by understanding equine behavior and understanding the control needed when handling a horse or pony.  This is a horsemanship camp, not just a riding camp; therefore, we want campers to learn what it takes to own a pony of their very own
and the responsibility that goes into that commitment.  Campers help to feed the ponies, clean their stalls, take care of the equipment used, learn how to safely lead and groom as well as how to saddle and bridle a pony. Campers will also learn what it takes to keep a pony healthy by knowing how to take vital signs and how to use that information to determine how much to feed, how much to dose for medications and much more. 

Your camper will also learn the history of the different kinds of saddles that are used, and WHY they are used for certain types of riding.  Primarily, your camper will complete their camp week in the western saddle, but there will also be a review of the other types of saddles, how they are fitted to the pony and the opportunity to feel the difference.

Each camper will develop at their own pace (starting with learning to lead their pony and then riding their pony) but by the end of the week even the least confident camper at the beginning will be able to successfully demonstrate their ability to ride their pony independently over an obstacle course.  We use obstacle course riding because the skills learned in this type of riding are applicable to any other style of riding.  The communication and confidence that it takes to navigate an obstacle course are basic skills using the voice, hands, seat and legs to achieve the desired outcome.  Basic obstacle course elements include crossing a bridge, navigating a water crossing, stepping over logs, navigating a marked figure-8 through a wooded area.  Understanding verbal and written instructions, reading a "map" of the course and being able to follow instructions are paramount in successfully riding the course.  The obstacle course arena is fully enclosed within a fenced in area.

General Information

Who may attend?
Ages 6 and up may participate in Horsemanship Camp. On rare occasions we may take a 5-year-old but we would have to meet with you and the child first to determine suitability.

What days are camp? 
Monday through Friday

What are the times? 
Drop off at the farm is 9:00am and pick up from the farm is at 3:00pm.

What is the ratio of campers to ponies? 
Our ratio is 2 campers to 1 pony.  Using this shared method gives the campers much needed breaks to get out of the sun and to take plenty of water breaks.
How many campers attend each week? 
A maximum of eight.  Due to maintaining a quality program with adequate number of instructors to campers, we will not run a camp with 7 children.  The 7th camper signed up will be bumped to another camp session pending availability. 

What is the ratio of campers to instructors? 
New for 2018 is the addition of an additional camp instructor.  Our ratio is 2 camp instructors to 8 campers.  Maximum number of campers per session is 8.  A MINIMUM of 4 campers is needed to make a camp. If a camp doesn’t fill to 8 campers then 1 camp instructor to six campers will be the ratio used.  We will not run a camp with 7 children.  The 7th camper signed up will be bumped to another camp session pending availability. 

What do campers need to bring?
  • Their own lunch...Microwave and refrigerator are available. Please pack extra for snack...children are generally hungry again at the end of the day.
  • Snacks are available from the Snack Bar.  Menu and price list will be sent home after first day.  Exact written instructions of what camper is allowed to purchase, and exact change will be required.
  • Medications in their original container showing that it has been prescribed to the camper and instructions in writing on how it is to be administered.
  • Boots with a heel are highly recommended.  NO open toe shoes, soft cloth shoes, 'Crocs' or sandals will be worn around the horses at any time. 
  • A riding helmet is provided by the camp, riders may bring their own helmet, but it must meet ASTM standards for equestrian use and it is the CAMPERS responsibility to keep up with it.
  • Medical Release Form (found at bottom of this page) completed and signed.
  • Photographic Release From* (found at the bottom of this page) completed and signed.  
  • During summer months (June through August) swimming is part of the camp experience and campers will need to bring a swimsuit, towel, flip-flops, sunblock, goggles.  Less than proficient swimmers will need to wear a life vest.

*Consent MUST be given on the Photographic Release Form. If ANY parent or legal guardian who has direct control over the child does NOT wish to give consent for photographic release, then please do NOT sign your child up for camp.  Parents and grandparents are always welcome to stay to observe camp activities and as such they take pictures too.  We cannot control whether a child is incidentally in a picture taken by another party or not.  We do photographically chronicle our week and the learning activities that take place during that week; and to have to ask a child to step aside is not only difficult but embarrassing to that child.
Horsemanship Camp Cost

$225 per week

Horsemanship Camps are offered during spring breaks and summer breaks.  When signing up for a Horsemanship Camp, that camper must attend all week.  No credits given for missed days of camp for any reason.)

Discounts given for multiple children within the SAME household ($200.00 per child) within the same calendar year.

Discounts given for signing up for multiple weeks of camp ($200.00 per week) within the same calendar year.  There are no other discounts offered.
non-refundable $50.00 deposit is required to hold your child's spot.  Please call ahead to check availability for the dates that you would like your child to attend Horsemanship Camp before sending in your deposit.  You may schedule an appointment to stop by the farm to drop off payment by calling 910-986-4774 and speaking with Beverly Padgett, Camp Director.  You can also elect to be invoiced to the email address that you provide through our electronic invoicing system for the deposit.  If the deposit is not paid within three (3) days of the invoice date the camp date will be offered to the next position in line.  The balance will be due in full by cash or check the first day of the Week Camp. 

Spring Break 2019
Horsemanship Camp

Dates coming soon!

Summer Break 2019
Horsemanship Camp

Dates coming soon!


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