Riding Lessons

Have you or your young person ever wanted to learn how to safely handle a horse or pony and learn to ride? 

Regular Riding Lessons on our well-trained ponies offer the perfect opportunity to interact with these amazing animals and build the confidence and skills necessary to be able to both safely handle a pony from the ground and to be a confident/competent rider on their back. We use small, medium and large ponies that we can correctly match to the size of the rider.

Horsemanship is a partnership between the human and the equine.  This is a relationship that takes time to build.  That is why we offer a Regular Riding Lesson program that brings a beginner rider into a new relationship with a pony and teaches the basics in a systematical and easy-to-understand method with a hands-on approach.

About Our Program

A Regular Riding Lesson consists of at least one lesson each week.  Of course, as with anything, the more you practice the quicker and better you will grasp the concepts and progress.  Regular Riding Lessons are offered weekly and are available as Private, Semi-Private and Group.

Private Riding Lessons are one-on-one with the instructor.  This is the perfect start for those who have never ridden before, or may need a little time to develop confidence, balance and skill before moving into a Semi-Private or Group Lesson format.

Semi-Private Riding Lessons consists of two to three riders per lesson.  This format is best for those who have some confidence, balance and understanding of the use of the aids on the pony.  Each rider gets the attention of the instructor with corrections and suggestions given to each rider as needed.  Riders in this format often enjoy not only the relationship that they build with the pony they are riding that day but also with each other that often extends beyond the riding ring.

Group Riding Lessons consists of four to six riders per lesson.  This format is the most economical for most families and is best for riders who have the ability to groom, tack up, lead and mount their ponies independently as well as have the confidence, balance and understanding of the use of the aids on the pony.  The attention of the instructor is given to the group at-large with specific pointers and corrections given to any one specific rider as needed at the time.  Riders in this format also enjoy building a relationship with the pony that they are riding that day as well as camaraderie that often extends to outside of the riding ring.

How Much Does It Cost:

Private Riding Lessons are $50.00 weekly
Semi-Private Riding Lessons are $40.00 weekly
Group Riding Lessons are $30.00 weekly

To be considered part of a Regular Riding Lesson Program the rider must commit to a minimum of one lesson per week.  Students who do not maintain a schedule of at least one lesson per week are able to participate on a 'drop-in' basis at the rate of $50.00 lesson regardless of format.  Drop-in students will need to call in advance to check availability of a pony to be able to ride on the day that they choose.  Priority is given to Regular Riding Lesson Students.


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